Hey creatures! I'm Kaitlin Edlund aka Kilty aka bag of assholes or whatever you care to call me. I am an artist that loves my home of Texas way too damn much. I attend the Savannah College of Art and Design for Funny books (or if you wanna be fancy "Sequential art") in Savannah, Georgia. I like cars, monsters, music, and drawing guys with funny hair. I also happen to have funny hair.

What's Psychopomp about?
Luz has to fight a She-devil to keep his soul. Luz ends up in the sneakies of a grim reaper in order to learn some rockin' moves from other creatures of the night to use against the she-devil. He'll end up with some kooky creatures following him a long the way. He has to make sure he does his job though otherwise he'll be found out. And well home base of operations happens to be Grandma's house.

What program/media do you use to create Psychopomp?
Pure photoshop. :B

Are the characters based off of anything?
Them crazy-ass psychobilly/Rockabilly guys. I also like to read about monsters and myths so that might contribute to it.

How long does it take you to create a page?
Probably about 24 hours for color pages and 12 for B&W pages. I don't really know honestly.

Where did you learn to draw?
Internet/self teaching and then I went to SCAD. I was originally majoring in animation but I later found out I was better with comics. I do know how to animate which is cool!

Why the name Psychopomp?
Psychobilly + an a guide to the after life. Big thanks for the name goes to Gene Goldstein!

How do I contact you?
PM or I suppose! My ask box on tumblr works too.

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