Luz is pretty lost and confused most of the time but he figures things out eventually even if he doesn't know what day it is. He probably gets it from his sweet old grandma. He's got a lot to learn about being a reaper.

Black Dog
This creature appears to know Luz a little too well. How the hell did that dog know Luz covered the neighbor's sleeping cat in peanut butter thinking it was a cake?

Eater of the dead and all around party animal! Well no not really a party animal. He just kind of smells like a circus soaked in booze and cigarettes. He can't keep track of his shoes and makes bad puns. He is capable of shape shifting since he is a ghoul but sticks to this particular form and a hyena.

A very disgruntled cat that belongs to Luz's Grandma. He's usually seen in such outfits as sundresses, various hats, and other fun costumes.

*new characters will appear on this page as the story progresses!

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